Monday, 16 April 2018

The knitting and stitching show Penrith 2018

Well, I just went for a look see. You know, as I do. I go for a look and see what's what.
It was my first ever time at a show like this. It. Was. Amazing! All the things to look at and touch and stroke and squish. All the lovely people I chatted to. ALL the things I brought home with me.....
It was £3 for a ticket. It was at Rheghed in Penrith. We arrived nice and early and went for breakfast in the VAIR nice cafe. I say we, I had an Americano and the HG had a sausage and bacon roll and a latte. I didn't take any photos of it but maybe I can find some on the tinterweb to show right back. Not photos of the breakfast!! Of all the stalls!!

Oops I've been awhile - had to get up and make the HG's lunch. Egg and Cress sandwiches today.
No photos of the halls and stands that I could find but it was very hustley and bustley and crafsty and friendly and hellishly expensive!!! The items for sale were exquisite and actually quite bargainous - it's the amount of stalls one may have visitied and browsed and whoops there goes my contactless payment again!!!
My bag was bulging at the very well constructed seams! We may have been back to the car and emptied it once....

There was a free talk by the creator or the beautiful Luna Lapin. I met the lady and her husband at her stand beforehand not realising who she was. Then I re met her upstairs on her stand again after eager to purchase lots of things Luna Lapinney! I Amy SUCH an advertiser's dream I tell you! However, I'm quite the indulged spoilt brat because it was the HG who treated me on this stall, despite my ( weak and frankly feeble ) protestations, insisted on buying them for me! He says he's watched me not spend any money on myself for years and years - always putting others first and I cannot stop him!
Luna Lapin beautifulness

We took a picnic lunch which we had outside in the beautiful warm sunshine, then went back for another mooch around, with more chatting and more sympathy gathering for my poor fingers....
I shall explain..
I made Spag Bol on Friday, for Saturday. Always best the day after. As a treat and part of my SW plan, I had a piece of Lo-Dough ( low carb low calorie bread substitute I'd got to try - a bit like polystyrene if I'm honest and I won't get it again, but it's did the job visually ) which I topped with butter and garlic and parsley and 35g of grated Edam. I used a new grater. Let's just say my garlic bread was extra proteiney due to the fingerprints it had in it.
It meant I was more than useless on my phone and any sewing was out the window.

Some more gorgeous things, including the fairy fabric bought simply because it was glittery! Glittery fairies people. Come on!!

Anyhoo my wonderful weekend continued with the safe return of Mr 20 - not for much longer - who had been to Barcelona to see a band that he saw last week in Manchester and a celebratory meal of Salt and pepper chicken. It said use a red chilli. I did not have a red chilli, I had chilli flakes, but as I sprinkled them in, a handful fell in. I shrugged and swirled them in thinking they are not at potent as fresh. OH HOLY VOLCANO IN MY MOUTH LIPS ON FIRE. A handful of chilli flakes IS as potent as fresh. It was very tasty though! I had half a pot of fat free natural yogurt with some mint sauce stirred in on mine. Fusion cuisine and all that! Aunt Ressie's style!

I got this lovely card through the post from Miss23 "just because" and the message inside made me do mum tears!

Mr 20 turns 21 on the 21st and we are having open house for coffee and cake this year. He wants NO fuss andthis is fuss to him but tough! The cake he has requested is a simple fresh cream sponge and there will be other offerings about too. A SW friendly lemon drizzle I think. Some chocolate brownies and some shop bought cakes too because as ever TIME IS SHORT! There'll be photos etc I'm sure on the blog at some point of all the cakey goodness.

Freddie had been 'playing'  with Lola and this photo made me laugh a lot...Lola looks very non plussed.

Now I shall try and add some photos which will cause me grate ( HAHAHAHAHA) stress and cause the blog to jump about and have odd spaces betwixt the paragraphs.

Lots of love from
Rachel *Hot Lips* Radiostar xxx

Monday, 9 April 2018

Harry’s story seven years on.

I pinched this off my sister to share with those of you who have followed Harry’s story.

“8th April. Harry's cancerversary. The day the word retinoblastoma became a reality. The day Harry's life started on a very different path than the one we had planned for him. We sometimes felt like we were lost, that the path was disappearing but then Harry found it again and has stayed on it with confidence and bravery that I am so proud of. I have often said Harry has defined his cancer and when you see him achieve amazing things every word is true. His life may be a little different, he will forever be labelled as different but he laughs in the face of visual impairment. He is accessing everything he needs through Braille, computers and technology. So yes, 8th April will always be tough, but not as tough as Harry 💕💕
1st pic taken 8/4/2011 2nd is Harry today.

Lots of love from Rachel *very proud Auntie* Radiostar xxx