Sunday, 9 April 2017

Week one gone

So the first week of the Easter break has gone and I've no idea where!
I finally finished the mitts to send to Miss 22 that match her hat she got in December.

I love knitting in Fishermen's Rib. I'm going to write what I'm writing then add in the photos later because on the iPad, once you add photos it gets really jumpy and difficult to manage on the dashboard. BRING BACK THE APP BLOGGER, it's one reason I don't blog as much.

I've seen friends, I've caught up with TV - Walking Dead's season finale was very disappointing. I've faffed about in the craft room.

I'm quite pleased with the zigzags here. It's not perfect and while I'm not blaming my tools per se, the three fabrics are different weights, but they were just scraps that I'd been given and the shiny blue one  frays like a right swine. I'm just quilting it with parallel stitching. I've made mistakes and learned from them. But it will be turned into a cushion cover I think. I was going to be a big but it's a bit big, but then it could just be a craft bag for myself. Who knows?

I dug out another unfinished WIP and am thinking now I'm going to have to pull it out because I won't have enough wool left to finish it. I've done one sleeve and there's not enough for the other one
and the finishing. To be honest I did just pull it from my stash and knit it with a wish. It was a scarf knit kit thingy. No matter. It'll make a sparkly hat for my friend's little girl.

Yesterday was glorious outside. It was freezing in my house and as I sat unpicking old jeans for various projects I had to hunt out my fluffy slippers! Outside, I sat barefoot with a brew soaking up the sun after doing a bit of weeding and sorting of pots. Needs more tidying but an hour or two a day is fine by me. I made Mr 19 now the lawn and I think that it's like when you do nothing in the house except vacuum , cutting the grass makes the garden look 100% better.

 These jeans are going to become baby dungarees.

How cute is this braiding I bought...
It might embellish the dungarees. 
Do any of my readers speak Russian? I saw this on Facebook and I'd love to knit it.

This next week looks fun. The HG is off. We are going out somewhere today. Not decided where but then we are escaping to Shropshire for a cheeky mid week mini break. I am beyond excited to go to Ironbridge! It's been on my to do list for yonks! Expect loads of pictures next time! And I'll probably put the 3lbs I lost this week back on! We are going to a Wedding in five weeks. I've been dieting for this wedding for the last 12 months!! Every one failed hahah. I'm just not in the right frame of mind.

Finally a lovely photo of Freddie for you!
Photo taken by Miss 22. I think it's great! Countryfile calendar standard! 

Going now to get a shower to get ready for today - it might involve a Hobbycraft visit.......

Lots of love from

Rachel *chilled out Radiostar xxx


  1. I am on the slimming world diet and have failed this week and put on eeeek.:) That's a great photo and I agree a very countryfile calendar standard.Great crafting. The gloves look really warm. Looking forward to seeing how your dungarees turn out.xx

    1. I've friends doing great on SW but I just couldn't spend £5 a week right now on fat club fees! My friends call it fat club!

  2. So glad you're relaxing and enjoying the break. The sunny weather helps doesn't it?
    The dungarees are going to be the cutest. If I could get away with wearing some I would. It's a shame about your lack of wool for your knitting though.
    Forget the diet and enjoy the next week, especially the mini-break. Looking forward to the photographs. X

    1. I had some dungaree shorts when pregnant and I loved them!

  3. Our school holidays have just started. I love your idea of making baby dungarees from the jeans, and such pretty braiding xx

    1. It was £3 a metre!! But I couldn't resist it!

  4. Sounds like you have had a fab first week.
    I love Ironbridge. Are you going to Blists Hill....the open air museum?
    We've been several times.
    I still have Beamish on my wish list but we wouldn't take Smudge on that long a journey and couldn't leave him on his own for that long a day so it's on the back burner for a while.
    Have a fabulous time.

    1. I'm now googling Blists Hill. I've been to Beamish a few times, the first when I was a child and it was being built. It is an amazing place. We went to theBlack Country Living Museum last year and I loved it! Going again tomorrow because it's a pay once for the year ticket.

  5. Time does fly, when you are off and enjoying yourself. Can't wait to see what you make with the denham. Love the photo of Freddie, looks as if he is going to take off.

  6. Love the sparkly yarn. I don't seem to be able to get hold of sparkly fingering here I think I am going to have to go online. I was thinking of doing a light summer shawl.

    Gorgeous photo of your Freddie :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  7. Love the dog photo, it does look quite professional.

  8. I really admire all of your knitting projects. The sparkly hat will be amazing - did you sew all the sequins on by hand? Love the Freddie picture with his ears flowing along with him! Have a great mini break! I have no idea what or where Ironbridge is, so you'll have to take us on a tour with you. -Jenn

  9. Enjoy! Freddie could definitely be a calendar dog!

  10. Love the colour of the mittens and the stitch has a lovely neat finish. The photo of Freddie is stunning, 11 more of that quality and Miss 22 could make her own calendar for 2018. When I get around to quilting again I've promised myself I'll buy decent cotton material that's the same weight and doesn't fray - it'll be quite a luxury.

    Don't talk to me about dieting. I weigh no more than I did on 1st January 2013 but nor do I weigh any less no matter how hard I try. Mind you there's not been much trying lately what with the daily treat of truffles.

    Glad you are enjoying the holidays. Hope you have a lovely Easter Weekend. xx


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